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Raritan CW912 Crown Head Electric High Boy Toilet 12v

Price: $1,439.95  
Model: RARCW912
Manufacturer: Raritan Eng.
Weight: 54.00
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Raritan CW912 Crown Head Electric High Boy Toilet 12v

The crown head was Raritan's first electric macerating toilet. Continual improvements to materials and design have made it the top choice for its quality, ruggedness and easy maintenance. By combining an efficient impeller intake pump with a powerful centrifugal discharge, the crown head establishes the standard for dependability.

The crown head's efficiency is due not only to its high performance standards, but also to its easy-to-use, low maintenance design. For example, the built-in deodorant system not only deodorizes the bowl with every flush, but also lubricates the crown head's working parts.

Front access to the macerator, a removable intake pump and a motor cover make the crown head exceptionally simple to maintain by offering quick and easy access to the components.

All these features combine to make the crown he ad an industry standard that is famous for its powerful centrifugal maceration and is ideal for treatment systems or holding tanks.


  • Suitable for demanding boaters who want reliability and low maintenance on any size vessel
  • Classic, proven, dependable design that has continually been improved
  • Efficient flushing action - includes powerful centrifugal macerating pump
  • Simple and flexible installation for mounting above or below waterline
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Built-in deodorant system
  • Can be used with on-board treatment systems (such as the Lectra/San®) and/or holding tanks
  • Each unit is assembled by hand, individually tested and backed by
  • Raritan's one-year Limited Warranty and legendary technical support team

This Model Features

  • White bowl household size
  • 90° discharge
  • 12V

Raritan CW912 Crown Head Electric High Boy Toilet 12v

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