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Furuno DST-800MSF Smartducer 2 235KHZ Bronze Housing

Price: $361.95  
Manufacturer: Furuno
Weight: 5.00
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Furuno DST-800MSF Smartducer 2 235KHZ Bronze Housing

Furuno DST-800MST NMEA2000 Smart sensor

Depth, Speed, Temperature, Bronze housing

Model: DST800-MSF
  • Depth, speed, and temperature in one compact bronze housing
  • Fast-response temperature sensor provides ±0.2°C (±0.1°F) accuracy

The DST-800MSF offers depth, speed, and temperature in a single, 51 mm (2?) fitting. Only one hole through the hull simplifies the installation — an attractive feature for boat builders and boat owners alike. Patented, speed-signal-processing enhancements provide excellent paddlewheel accuracy below 5 knots (6 MPH) and smooth linear output at all vessel speeds. The transducer’s wide, fan-shaped, fore-aft beam is able to find bottom even when installed on steep deadrise hulls or heeling sailboats. You also get true water-temperature readings with the DST-800MSF's reliable temperature sensor.

Acoustic WindowUrethane
Hull deadriseUp to 22°
Data update rate1 per second
Minimum sounding depth 0.5 m (1.6’)
maximum soundign depth70 m (230’)
Pressure rating3 m (10’)
Pulse rate20,000 p/nm* (5.6 Hz per knot)—*p/nm = pulses per nautical mile
Smart Sensor Supply Voltage at 100% Sound Power Output:11.5 VDC to 25 VDC
Supply current40 mA
Standard cable length6m
NMEA 2000® Load Equivalency Number (LEN):4

What's in the Box:
  • Sensor with 6m cable
  • Bronze housing

Furuno DST-800MSF Smartducer 2 235KHZ Bronze Housing

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