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Raymarine T1 Rotary 12v

Price: $1,384.95  
Model: RAYM81135
Manufacturer: Raymarine
Weight: 10.00
Availability: 1

Raymarine T1 Rotary 12v

12 Volt Rotary Drive for sprocket and chain type steering systems on vessels up to displacement 22,000 lb(10,000kg)

The Rotary drive is designed for steering systems that can be driven from the helm position through a chain and sprocket (for example: cable and rod steering systems).

The outstanding design of the Raymarine rotary drive unit provides smooth, powerful autopilot-controlled steering with quiet operation.

The main parts of the drive are:

  • a rugged electric motor, that drives a precision epicyclic gearbox via a high tensile drive belt
  • an electromagnetic clutch that transmits high torque loads without slipping

***This product is ON SALE (reduced by 5%) until 07/31/2019***
Raymarine T1 Rotary 12v

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